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Diego Arango Arango

Diego Arango (DAA) is a painter, born in Colombia and has lived since 1988 in Mallorca.

After years of study (architecture, graphic design) at the Universities of the Colombian capital Bogotá and in the Spanish metropolis of Madrid Arango discovered his passion for the free painting. Since then, he paints in a style that pairs dream images and symbols with naivety. Some consider it one of the "sophisticated naïve" the current art scene. Arango about his work: "Something drives me to dispel myths and dreams on canvas." His paintings are heavily influenced by the early art of his native land, the time of the pre-Columbian civilization. Arango revives these old stories with great strength, strong colors and universal symbols new. Encrypted, enigmatic dream images of hypnotic force that affect the viewer directly.

  1. Barcos

    24,5x35 cm 450,00 €

  2. Coche rojo 1/2

    81x200 cm 4.200,00 €

  3. Coche rojo 2/2

    81x200 cm 4.200,00 €

  4. Paisaje

    100x100 cm 2.700,00 €

  5. Barco 02/II

    100x97 cm 3.000,00 €

  6. Pinta

    92x73 cm 2.000,00 €

  7. Barcos

    24,5x35 cm 450,00 €

  8. Barcos

    24,5x35 cm 450,00 €

  9. Gato II

    24x24 cm 450,00 €

  10. Bici dorada

    73x92 cm 2.300,00 €

  11. Barco 06

    81x97 cm 2.800,00 €

  12. Elefant

    130x162 cm 4.200,00 €